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Hakala Communications Inc. Corporate and Institutional Histories


Produced for American Family Insurance Group. 224 pages, ©1997.

SUMMARY: In the roaring twenties, the motorcar grew to symbolize the prosperity and mobility that exemplified the American Dream. More than an insurance company history, Under One Roof tracks America's fascination with the automobile, which has reflected and shaped American culture, and driven the development of the property/casualty industry. The book explores the development of multiple-line companies, the introduction of homeowners insurance, and other package policies. Rather than a glowing account of harmonious, uninterrupted growth, Under One Roof tells a story of conflict and resolution through the people who have built and guided the company since its 1927 founding. The company's history abounds with examples of vision and creativity that enabled the organization to overcome the challenges posed by rapid growth, economic boom and bust, government intervention, and intense competition to become one of the nation's leading insurers.


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